With the IMPERARE® Responsibility Management System™ you will improve your organization’s efficiency and motivate your people. This is the most straightforward management tool. From us.


Manage your organization’s responsibilities.

What’s being done, what’s not been done, and what needs to be done? The Responsibility Management System™ lists everything that is being and should have been done, and that you want to get done in your organization. Responsibilities are allocated to the individuals responsible for them and their deputies.

”We improved our productivity and bottom line.”


Reliable, high-quality Scason studs come from Finland. We have focused on ensuring safe and steady winter driving since 1964. Our knowhow, experience and continuous product development, together with our thorough understanding of Nordic weather conditions, have made us the world leaders in studs.


”In this business, it’s essential to have your own house in order. For our customers and partners, we want to be the best example of a company that is well run, moving forward, and getting good results. We started using the IMPERARE Responsibility Management System because it seemed the best way to make the organization’s operations transparent and develop it in the right direction. For example, during workshops it became clear that the ongoing management recruitment wasn’t really necessary. When we thoroughly charted the company’s knowhow potential, we found the best expertise in-house. We took care of business by dividing responsibilities anew. We estimate that just this single change improved our result by more than ten percent. With this clear, easy-to-implement system, our company’s productivity and efficiency have improved significantly in a short time.”


CEO, Scason


Who does what? The Responsibility Management System™ is more refined than standard organizational charts and divides work more efficiently. The system utilizes individuals’ strengths and avoids their weaknesses. It is also transparent, improving and clarifying direct communication between people. Your results will markedly improve when everyone in your organization handles and develops their own responsibilities.


COB, Nordic Growth

”Now we know who is responsible for what.”


The Nordic Growth Group helps corporate managers, investors and owners to grow value. We help our clients to find effective solutions that maximize their competitive edge and strategic potential.


“You would think that who does what in our organization, and who has what responsibility, would always be crystal clear. But that’s not the way it was. This meant that although our organization was functioning well otherwise, there was uncertainty between partners and employees. With the help of the IMPERARE Responsibility Management System, we reviewed the entire functioning of the organization and reassigned some responsibilities. The working atmosphere improved, thanks to which we became a better and more effective team. Everyone is clearly happier. Including the owners!”


The end result? When there is one person and a deputy assigned to take responsibility for every issue, your whole organization becomes more robust. The responsible individuals and their deputies are the masters and apprentices of their duties. With the Responsibility Management System™, you manage knowhow and tacit knowledge within your organization, and eliminate risks.

”Everyone is excited about handling and developing their responsibilities.”


Stanton Chase is a pioneer in executive search. We are an international, partner-owned company that specializes in finding, evaluating and selecting top executives. We listen to our clients carefully and commit ourselves to finding the right executives for growth and change. Our 350 consultants in 75 offices around the world are building tomorrow’s management teams.


"The IMPERARE Responsibility Management System brought clarity to our operations. It enabled us to focus our range of consultancy duties effectively, while taking care of both big and small issues. In our global organization, we were able to assign all responsibilities and tasks where they belonged, or to the individuals who could handle them most efficiently. Clear division of responsibility was highly motivating for partners and employees alike. People approached each new responsibility with a sense of pride and performed their duties to the best of their abilities. Teamwork has improved due to the clear division of responsibility. Everyone feels that it is easier to offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. So we do things better and nothing falls through the cracks.”


CEO, Stanton Chase


The IMPERARE® Responsibility Management System™ offers a clear view of your organization’s responsibility hierarchy, the list of responsibilities within each function, and individuals’ responsibilities.


IMPERARE® software houses a database of organization's responsibilities. Support for multiple languages simplifies international collaboration. All changes are saved on the service. You can review a desired past date and prepare future changes. The service can inform people about any changes that concern them.


Owner, CoverGlobal

”Why didn’t we do this before!”


CoverGlobal Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of terrace and balcony glazing. The COVER balcony glazing system is based on Finnish knowhow. During our thirty years in operation, it has been delivered to customers on almost every continent. Our experience of demanding conditions ensures the safety and functionality of our products year-round.


”As demand for our products has grown, so has the scale of our operations. This has created challenges for our organization. For example, surprises can emerge when key people are on holiday. With the IMPERARE Responsibility Management System, we determined who has what responsibility, ensured that operations are efficient on a continuous basis, and avoided unnecessary risks. These are big benefits for the employees – and, of course, for the owners. I wish we had known about this a long time ago. Better late than never! I recommend it.”


The IMPERARE® Responsibility Management System™ is quick and easy to implement.
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“We would not have achieved this ourselves”


Founded in 2007, Model IT provides services for the financial industry. We offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of over 200 man-years of expertise in the field, a top team and efficient tools. Our highly educated personnel can help to solve even the most complex problems.


In the first meeting, we concluded that “we could make this kind of database ourselves, but we have been operating for over a decade and have never got around to it. So why not have IMPERARE come and do it for us?” I endorse this service!


CEO, Model IT



CEO, Imperare

The founder of IMPERARE®, Tuomas Koljonen, has successfully managed several small and medium-sized companies over a couple of decades. During this time, he created and developed the Responsibility Management System™ as his working tool. All responsibilities within an organization are listed and allocated to individuals and deputies.


Koljonen has used this system in all the companies he has managed.


”I recognized the need to bring clarity and efficiency to an organization easily and quickly. I remembered the Finnish Defence Forces, where the cleaning areas in the barracks are always the responsibility of one individual or another. This ensures that everything is in order at all times.”


Whatever your opinion of military management, in Finland roster-based responsibility for cleaning areas has worked for over a century, in more than a hundred military bases. With tens of thousands of conscripts every year, the efficiency of this system is obvious.


Koljonen built on this idea to cover all issues and responsibilities within an organization. When everyone takes care of and develops their own responsibilities, an organization produces significantly better results.


The IMPERARE® services were created to make the Responsibility Management System™ available to all managers. Imperare is Latin; it means ‘to rule’. We make you a better manager by helping you to improve your organization and motivate your people.


Our mission is to manage organizations’ responsibilities. Imperare Oy is a concept development company. We aim to join an established entity that has international footprint, existing customer base and consulting resources.


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